Autumn bride

By | 13/09/2017

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year with the rich colours of gold and red and if you live in Scotland the hills will be covered  with lovely purple heather and the forests will have the wonderful displays of reds.the beauty of Autumn

Colours for this season can be very striking and not every bride will get married in white, I went to a wedding were the bride had the beautiful reddish colour of the leaves.


White still remains the most popular choice of brides however if you are looking for something a bit different why not look at the lovely warm colours you see around during the autumn months.


Why not consider the golds and reds of the season if you are brave enough could always go for a spooky affair with a halloween theme, would save on costs as there are no shortages of decorations such as carved pumpkins for table decorations.spooky wedding affair

Would certainly be a wedding no one will forget, if the weather was dry could always go for a late wedding and have lots of lights and decorations to scare anyone.




If you are looking at idea’s for colours, why not go into a fabric shop look at their selection, if you are being married outdoors look at the colours around you what can help create the effect you desire, a typical Asian wedding has some wonderful vibrant colours and textures and is very opulent in nature looks great.vibrant colours of Indian wedding


If you do not feel bold enough to go for a dress other than the traditional white or it does not appeal to you why not consider it for your bridesmaids or your table decoration, one simple and inexpensive table decoration that could be used is a pumpkin carved in a wedding scene with a tea light inside it, or you can use fresh autumn leaves inside a clear vase to add colour there are no end of easy to do ways of creating center pieces for your tables, or to add decor to the church or your venue choice, if the weather is suitable could have it outdoors.


wedding couple

carved pumpkin of bride & groom

If you are feeling creative or know someone who can help then why not use the resources around at this time of year you have branches with berries to add colour, select flowers within  the season to save costs, gather friends together and make your own decorations could make a fun night to.

Pinterest is a good place to look around at the various idea’s for weddings and decorations though be prepared for the selection could overwhelm you so try and plan out in advance the main things you want for your wedding that way when your looking you can focus on exactly what you want.


For other unique idea’s why not have a look at Etsy a great selection of custom made accessories.

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