Bridal shoes & accessories

Things to consider when choosing your shoes !!

Having the right bridal shoe is a must ,it is a long day and the last thing you need is sore feet or nasty blisters.

Do not leave getting your shoes too near to the date, give time to wear them about the house to break them in. You may want to get some gel insoles for extra comfort. If you are marrying in the hotter months why not take along some cooling foot spray this can aid tired feet.

Getting married outdoors is very popular, however think about the ground ! too soft and high heels will sink in a bit and if it is a fabric shoe can leave unsightly wedding shoes


As with many things these days we suffer from choice overload and looking for shoes is no different, when looking around remember that as the day goes on feet will swell a bit, make allowances for this.

Consider two pairs one for the day and another for the reception in the evening.


Getting married on the beach

Depending how hot it is you could always go barefooted for this type of wedding, on a really hot day the sand can burn the feet so keep this in mind.taking care of our feet

Flip flops are a great idea, comfy and the ideal footwear for on the beach.

You can always consider some footwear art should you want to jazz things up a bit.



If you are a high heel lover consider how long you can cope with your shoes being on and where will you being walking, remember places like cobbled stoned area’s or uneven surfaces, nothing worse that struggling with walking on those heels even if they look great.


Those all important accessories

Getting ready for your special day can seem daunting and as I always say once you have everything organised, stop looking otherwise you will start having doubts about your choices.

Any bride wants to look their absolute best for the wedding it is the first step in a life long journey, so what types of accessories do we generally go for.

  • Hair, perhaps you will have a veil or a simple head dress
  • Jewellery
  • Nice perfume
  • Perhaps a bag depends on the type of wedding


You will need to decide on the style and what you want in your hair, natural flowers, tiara, hat or veil, short on idea,s check out my pinterest boards on the side bar.

Youtube can be helpful to check out this video, they make it look easy



Selecting your jewelleryjewellery for your wedding day

If you have chosen a wedding dress heavily decorated on the body and still would like wear some jewellery try and select a piece that does not take anything away from the beauty of your dress, choose something to work in with whatever detail your dress has or something that will compliment it, perhaps a single row of perils or a simple tear drop diamond necklace.

Much will depend our you taste, Asian weddings tend to be very striking with lots of vibrant colours and jewellery.

For some more ideas have a look at this useful video.


Do you have any cool idea’s or tips you would like to share, leave a comment below.


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    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for stopping by and looking through my posts hope you found it of use

  3. Liz Lechko

    I wish I had found your site before my own wedding. I love your approach to things. I ended up doing everything myself and it was very stressful. I really did not enjoy the day. Oh well, water under the bridge.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Liz though it is a very special day the build up can be so stressful, sorry to hear it did over shadow your big day who knows perhaps you can renew vows one of these days,


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