Bridesmaid Dresses

Girl bridesmaids dresses need not be difficult to choose or expensive to buy there are many decent high street shops that offer some very pretty dresses as well as shoes and accessories,If you go for a white dress you can always add a bit of colour here is a pink hairband with sequence, just around the wrist or you can have it in the hair.


white dress

instead of flowers can have it on wrist

With the vast choice of bridesmaids dresses available it can be hard to choose, also think about the time of year you are being married in, will it be hot or cold, either one can cause a problem for the younger brides maids.


There are many department stores that have bridal wear, from wedding dresses to outfits for the bridesmaids, page boys and mother of the bride as well, prices and selection vary and can be limited however it is still worth having a good look around especially when they have a sale on.

If you bridesmaids are young it can work out inexpensive buying from the high street or even a good market, have seen some very pretty ones stocked there. Small weddings you can always have a look as TKMaxx they always seem to have some beautiful dresses for children and the prices are reasonable.

For teen bridesmaids why not look at prom dresses for they tend to be less expensive and a bit more modern than the traditional collection of bridesmaids dresses, be careful of colour though for once you hit Autumn and Winter you may find it hard to pick up pale colours.bridesmaid dresses


Some brides choose to have short length dresses as they can be worn again, depending on your budget you could ask the bridesmaid if they could buy their own dress although it would save money it could cause problems so you need to agree right from the start on the colour and style, perhaps even give them a selection to choose from.


Some places can custom make your dress this may work out more expensive unless you know a good dress maker,  there are some online specialists that will accommodate you for a very competitive price, however you need to be sure of the quality of their work.


Depending on the ages and how many bridesmaids you want to have you can always look at a theme, costumes may work out less expensive the only draw back would be if there were a bit flimsy and the children damaged them before the wedding.theme wedding fairies


When choosing shoes to match the bridesmaid dresses, why not look at a simple plain ballet pump they can always be jazzed up and may work out less expensive, it is sometimes the accessories that can runaway with costs though it is time consuming try and work everything out before spending.


Every bride wants the perfect day and everything new, for some that may not be possible so look at charity shops, second hand shops or even friends who may know of someone who has been recently married and still have dresses that you could use, they can be revamped and accessories can make them look fresh.

There are a number of ways you can save costs on a wedding and it is often the little things that eat away at your budget.. Got any unique idea’s you want to share drop me a message.

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