Caribbean honeymoon destinations

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A small and beautiful little Caribbean island just measuring 14 miles long and 11 miles wide and sits within the Leeward Islands, boasting over 300 beautiful beaches,many untouched inlets and coves.


It also has many beautiful lush gardens and has a Colonial history, if you enjoy sailing why not set sail and visit Antigua’s little sister Barbuda, well worth a visit.beautiful beaches Antigua

Crab Hill Beach also known as Turners Beach and is situated near the village of Crab Hill offers a lovely spot of lazing in the sun, positioned in the South West of Antigua it also has the cool trade winds run through, if you want something a bit more adventurous why not try out some water sports.

Crab Hill beach also known as Turners beach



There are many beautiful examples of the colonial architect to be seen and soak up the atmosphere:


colonial days in Antigua


If your like me and do not just like to lie on the beach then why not take a tour around all those wonderful buildings rich in history of days gone by.








Jamaica is the largest of the English speaking West Indian Islands and covers an area of approx 4,240 sq, miles and is situated centrally in the Caribbean zone, it also lies in the direct sea routes from the USA, Europe to the Panama Canal.


Jamaica Dunns Waterfalls

As with all of the Caribbean islands Jamaica also has some wonderful beaches good for those sun worshipers or those who enjoy water sports.

Beautiful white sandy beaches and blue skies just the weather to chill out and relax no better way to spend your days.




If your a reggae fan then you cannot pass up the opportunity to visit the birth place of Bob Marleytributes to Bob Marley

Why not do a bit of research there are many beautiful Caribbean islands to visit each has something to offer from relaxing sun bathing holidays to water sport activities, good food and music and lots of culture to sample


As with any trip abroad make sure you know the customs of the country and ensure you keep safe.  Only take out what you need each day, keep your passport safely at hotel safe, when I am away I take a limited amount of money each day and stick to the main tourist area’s if you are going off the beaten track take a trusted guide with you.





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  1. Mark

    The destinations look fantastic. I think that I will have to persuade my wife to go on a second honeymoon 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Would be a lovely destination but if your looking for a lovely place to go to in the UK try Islay


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