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Britannia Hotels UK

Britannia hotel wedding venues   The Britannia hotel group have around 52 hotels throughout the Uk from the city based ones to some beautiful old country buildings set in rural locations and have been established since 1976. With every bride up and down the country looking for a good venue and with a very competitive… Read More »

Country Wedding Idea’s

There is no shortage of good country wedding venue’s in Scotland from Castles to manor houses bringing you a touch of romance and a sense of history. enjoy the elegance of your venue and the wonderful settings they sit in. The  natural country side and wonderful gardens offer some stunning photo opportunities and if the… Read More »

Castle weddings Scotland

Scottish wedding castles.   There are many castles around Scotland with some wonderful settings and offering very good packages, when people talk of castles as a possible venue for their wedding the first thoughts are it must be very expensive. For a single day package for somewhere like Dundas Castle a package averages between £4600… Read More »

Marriage, love & scandal

Marriage, love and scandal  Gretna Green has many stories to tell When people hear of  Gretna Green they all associate it with elopement, so how did it become so famous over the years and still remains a popular place to get married. 1754 Lord Hardwick’s Marriage Act introduces a minimum age of 21 without parental… Read More »

Unique wedding ideas

Here at Albabride we are always looking out for unique wedding ideas Every year on the last week in May thousands of people travel to the Scottish Island of Islay, why you might ask yourself, surprisingly it is for the Whisky Festival. There are eleven distilleries on the Island and every year they have open… Read More »