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Leap Year

Is Leap year of any significance to you ?? time is running out how many ladies will take the opportunity to propose to their boyfriends this year? or just someone you had your eye on, now that would be daring Can a woman propose to her man on a leap year Yes she can, so… Read More »

Insure the day

Wedding insurance do you have it ?? With the average wedding costing around £20,000 in the U.K alone you would think that you would want to cover your wedding in the event of anything going wrong,, some may see this as a bit of doom and gloom however it is just good house keeping. Insurance… Read More »

Real cost of a wedding

What do we mean by the real cost of a wedding, most of us and myself include automatically think in terms of money, however watching the news the other day something caught my attention. The wedding industry is vast and the average cost of a wedding here in the UK is around £18,000 In the… Read More »

How to save money

Saving money on your wedding costs     We all want to have our dream wedding and have had certain plans in place as to how we see it, however financially it might not be possible to put together with in your time frame. So you can you have that dream wedding?  yes you can… Read More »

Wedding to do list

Managing you wedding plans   Once the excitement of the announcement is over and you decide on a date then comes the reality of putting it all together and suddenly there seems to be a hundred and one things to get organized , one of the first things we think about is the dress and… Read More »

Take the stress out of planning your wedding

  Planning your wedding is one of the most stressful things to undertake.   I am going to take you through the steps to provide you with a plan of action. Putting everything in place to create the wedding you want to have. As I take you through the stages there are two words I… Read More »