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Winter Bride

Marrying in the Winter We are fast approaching winter and some brides will be getting ready for their wedding and some in the planning stages. There is some advantages to a winter wedding and if your big on Christmas you can combined the event with your special day.   Save on costs Great choice of… Read More »

Autumn bride

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year with the rich colours of gold and red and if you live in Scotland the hills will be covered  with lovely purple heather and the forests will have the wonderful displays of reds. Colours for this season can be very striking and not every bride will… Read More »

Spring wedding season

Now we are almost into Spring the wedding shows are all around from the big events to small local events, the wedding industry is vast and the amount of choices seem limitless,so how do you narrow it all down, that would depend on what you have already got in place, if your looking for a… Read More »

Music Festival Weddings

Weddings and Music festivals   There are many choices of wedding theme’s many still like the traditional types of weddings, however more brides seem to be heading for some quite unconventional weddings from underwater to high flying there seems to be no end of choices and theme’s. I have just returned from the beautiful Island… Read More »

How to plan a beach wedding

Whilst a beach wedding sounds romantic,it can bring many unexpected challenges. Living in the UK  the weather is so unpredictable and could end up ruining the whole day. If your in a hotter climate could be too hot and uncomfortable, go for late afternoon. There are many stunning beaches around the UK especially in the… Read More »