Church wedding decoration ideas

By | 05/05/2016

Are you looking for church wedding decoration ideas?


There are many lovely churches from the small and simple to the large and ornate and I am sure you would want your own personal touch by adding your own decorations.decor for modern church wedding


This is a beautiful modern church, I just love the featured window which lets lots of natural light in, giving it the feeling of a cathedral style window.

The tall flower displays on the benches work well and would grace any wedding, does not look too much and works well with the high ceilings, you can either have fresh flowers or use silk flowers to create this effect.


Traditional church wwedding


For a more traditional type of church you can make use of organza and flowers to brighten up the pews, as some of the older churches may not have very good light.


This is quite an ornate church and they have used organza with some simple flowers and candles which adds more light and looks attractive, many candles today come with led lights which makes it safe and can still look like a real flame on a candle



Found this lovely video with some beautiful idea’s to decorate the church



Think this gives a lot of inspiration to help you create the setting you want for inside the church, there are certainly some beautiful displays, as with most things it will come down to the costs and the type of church as some will need less decorations than others.

It also covers all seasons Autumn brings beautiful warm colours, then you can have the splendor of summer with the vibrant colours, even for the winter the use of the white twigs and some sparkle can be stunning, hope you enjoy it and will help you with idea’s

There are a number of places to source decorations such as:

  • Amazon
  • Hobby craft
  • Ebay

These are just a few of the places you can check out and can be very competitive in pricing, if you are looking for something a bit more unique why not try Etsy they offer a variety of hand crafted goods from decorations to wedding dresses.


If you enjoy crafting and feel you have the time to create your own decorations however remember planning your wedding is already stressful however here is a simple creation


One of my favourite places to gain idea’s and inspiration is Amazon there are many, I came across this very useful book with decoration idea’s and planning if you are on kindle unlimited you can get it for free,

There are many places to find inspiring idea’s for wedding decorations however like most things these days you can be so overwhelmed by choices and this can take up a lot of time, youtube is full of many inspiring creations and whilst it seems a great idea to make your own it can too be very stressful and time consuming.

Once you have decided on theme, colours and have got it all planned out do not look anymore, if you can afford someone to take care of all the decorations then let them get it done for you, especially if you are having a big wedding.

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