Take the stress out of planning your wedding

By | 07/02/2014


bridal flowers

Beautiful flower bouquet with jewels for that extra sparkle

Planning your wedding is one of the most stressful things to undertake.


I am going to take you through the steps to provide you with a plan of action. Putting everything in place to create the wedding you want to have.

As I take you through the stages there are two words I cannot stress enough that is Budget and Planning  is the most  important part of planning your wedding,you need to know how much you have to spend, try and not use up all the budget should there be be the odd hick up you have some extra resources available. Work out a time frame and give yourself enough time to get things in place.


Once you have got everything in place you can relax and enjoy seeing it all come together, Have your night out with the girlfriends knowing that all you have to do is focus on the getting ready for the big day.

It would also be useful if you could appoint someone who knows everything that is to happen so if there are any last minute concerns they could sort it out with worrying you over it. It would be wise to choose someone who is not having alcohol

I hope you will take the time to go over the Wedding check list and put it into action for it will  relieve the pressure on you.

On the morning of your special day it would be nice to have a calm and relaxing start to help prepare for you marriage.It is nice to have a photographer or even someone to take photos of you getting ready, no doubt there will be many people around so try and have some quiet time before you leave for the church or venue.

If you are open to doing some good meditation you can follow a course of meditations to help prepare you and keep those stress levels down.

I thought this was a lovely session to get you on your way to enjoy the journey towards your wedding day.

6 thoughts on “Take the stress out of planning your wedding

  1. James W D

    I have a couple friends right now that are planning and complaining of how stressful it is. I will make sure to send them over here! Thanks.

    1. Katie

      that’s great thank you if I can help in anyway be glad to do so

  2. Andrea Roa

    I think I’ll share this with some friends that are planning to get married! 🙂

  3. Shericka Steele

    Hello Katy. I wish I knew this information 13 yrs ago. Me and my husband got married at the court house because it was very inexpensive. Love the accessories.

    1. Katie Post author

      You can always go for a second one, renew those vows, still adding to it. thanks Shericka


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