Flower Power Wedding

By | 23/02/2017

We talk of a picture speaking a thousand words, so what is the language of flowers ?  do you have a flower power wedding that talks of love. with Spring around the corner there will be many vibrant colours.

Here we have red and pink roses, what does it say? red is a symbol of love and respect whilst pink says grace and joy

Pink and Red roses simply bouquet

Pink & Red Roses

Throughout history men have used the language of flowers to express their love, when choosing flowers for your wedding do you go with the idea’s of the florist, magazines or does it have a more significant meaning for you ?


Some choose to have their flowers done at the florist and their are those who are happy to create their own bouquet and decorations for the church or reception.


There was a time when your choice of flowers were limited due to the season however today you can practically get any flower regardless of the season and you can send flowers from just about anywhere in the world.


There are many different types of flowers you can have in your bouquet and choosing can be difficult, look at magazines, go into the florist look at her selection, ask for advice. Will you have fresh flowers or do you prefer artificial flowers, they can look just as good as fresh flowers and the upside is they will last.


flowers for the bride

We are very visual as people and having flowers that reflect our own personality helps bring that special touch to the day getting flowers that are in season can save on costs and depending when you get married you could have a bigger selection

Some brides prefer more simpler arrangement even just a couple of hand tied flowers as their bouquet though you could have some really good artificial flowers I personally prefer fresh flowers and you could still have it dried and pressed if you wanted a keepsake.

Just a few facts on language of flowers can also be called Floriography

So what does this mean exactly, it is thought to be the communication between flowers and how they are arranged, goes back to the biblical days were plants and flowers were used as symbols in the Hebrew Bible especially of love and lovers in the Song of Songs.

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