Bridal shoes diamante or plain

By | 15/04/2014

Shoes are something I love,if your have every seen the movie In her Shoes with Cameron Diaz, I would love a selection just like that. Over the years we have seen many trends in footwear, but I have to say despite how it looks the platform shoe is comfortable, there are many stunning diamante shoes to choose from , if you do not like to much blink you can opt for a plain shoe and add a diamante clip.



If you are fortunate enough to be fairly tall there are many low heel shoes or ballet style pumps and for those who are having the beach wedding why not go for some great flip flops.


No matter what choice you make I suggest that you do not leave choosing your shoes to the last min after all it would be good to have a chance to break them in before your wedding day so as to avoid blisters and sore feet.

Bridal shoes

Bridal shoes


Your feet take a lot of stress,why not have some pampering before your big day, on the night before your big day treat your self to a foot soak, put lots of moisturizer on and wear light weight cotton socks in bed. For the day keep feet comfortable get some party feet insoles or a foot cooling spray.

It may help to have someone take cooling foot spray or a change of shoes for later in the day, often by the end of the evening there are many bare footed brides


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