How to create your own wedding invitations

By | 22/01/2015

How  to create your own wedding invitations that look professional


Personalized wedding invitations can work out expensive especially if you wish to have your very own unique design, yes it will take up your time but if you like doing a bit of craft work why not give it a go.

You tube is a good place to find resources and step by step guidance to help your create your invitation after all not everyone is talented with craft making, I came across this on you tube how to create a vintage style wedding kit.

It is a short video but very easy to follow and simple to put together, now if you do not have a printer Staples do a reasonably priced printing service as do some other similar outlets, in the video it shows you how to do address labels if you did not want to make them with card you can also use a nice font and have self adhesive labels.

It really is a very simple process and just shop around for nice card and envelopes to compliment each other or if you are having a colour themed wedding you can match it to that.

Another nice wedding invitation idea that I saw was to have a scroll delivered in little boxes, inside was the invite tied in ribbon which matched the bridesmaid dresses in colour, now this is quite simple to create also it also had a fine water print of a castle in the background and looked old to, just find parchment paper and a good template, if your not confident  cutting straight and do not want to get a guillotine or scissors that cut a fancy edge

One of the places we all know to look is Amazon and they do offer a wide range of wedding invitations pre-packed or personalized, if you are looking for a Vintage style I thought this one fitted the bill, they are very good quality and depending on how many you need they are reasonably priced to.


Want something  bit more personal, how about this idea not your usual run of the mill invite and I just love it, see what you think.


Thought they were unique and it also can be personalized with your own wording and I have to say I have not seen anything quite like it.

There are absolutely loads of different invitations to choose from on Amazon alone and I am sure there are many to suit anyone’s budget you can spend as little or as much as you like, will take sometime to wade through them all.
What I like about the variety is that is goes from modern, funky to a touch of sophistication, there are even some free options to choose from.

It is always a concern when ordering something online about the quality and look of the product, therefore I would suggest you contact the seller and ask for a copy especially if it is something new to the market place, always check out customer comments to, look at any issues or things they were not happy with if your buying none personalized items then at least you can return them if you do not like it, however it will not be as easy for the personalize sets, most printers or suppliers are happy to send a sample out to you.

Sometimes I feel we have too many choices and it makes it harder for us to make the selection, know what it is you want, make a short list and ask for some friends or family to see which is the ones they like best as with everything some people are not to fussy about the wedding invitation so they just keep it simple.

When you do choose the invites you like just make sure where the supplier is if they are overseas I would ask for a sample and make sure they can deliver what the say and the quality is worth the money you are spending



4 thoughts on “How to create your own wedding invitations

  1. Olga

    Your site is wonderful, Katie. I love weddings too and I think you have a good point here about the wedding invitations. It is my opinion that each wedding has something special and each wedding has another sort of feeling. Maybe we should make our own wedding cards personal. Like this card is for this wedding only, would that not me very special on a special day?

    1. admin

      Yes there are many very personal touches we can do to help create that special day thank you for commenting

  2. Peter

    Awesome site so much information and packed with good advice and tips for almost every aspect of the wedding process. You have done a great job here will book mark for reference and send to my friends 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Peter for you kind comments there are so many aspects to a wedding its no wonder the bride and family can feel overwhelmed at times


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