How to plan a beach wedding

By | 25/03/2014

Whilst a beach wedding sounds romantic,it can bring many unexpected challenges.

wedding by sea

Venue over looking beach

Living in the UK  the weather is so unpredictable and could end up ruining the whole day. If your in a hotter climate could be too hot and uncomfortable, go for late afternoon.

There are many stunning beaches around the UK especially in the Scottish Isles. Look at cafe’s or hotels that may be near to the beach have they got the right setting for you.


D.I.Y. Beach checklist.

  • Make sure you have permission to use a public beach
  • Is the person marrying you is available and will to be on the beach
  • What facilities are there is it public toilets
  • Sand is not suitable for those high heels.
  • Is there seating for your guests
  • Bar license who is responsible for this
  • Catering, perhaps a salad bar, a hog roast or BBQ
  • Sea breezes or wind is there shelter
  • Hot climates, late afternoon or early evening
  • Find out times of the tide
  • Is beach accessible and is there parking
  • How will you provide music
  • Public beach do you mind everyone looking on


You could through caution to the wind and just have something on the basis of a beach party, get everyone to bring some drink,  would someone be willing to do a BBQ, have a bonfire, bring your own music, provide your own seating or hay bales for people to sit on, some wind breakers if needed, is there is any budding photographers or a local camera club for someone to take pictures downside of this is you may not get many good pictures, consider disposable camera’s ask guest to take random photos and hope for the best, though some people I know have had some good shots this way.


walk on beach bride



4 thoughts on “How to plan a beach wedding

  1. Michael Smith

    Great information about planning a beach wedding. I wish more brides would think about these kinds of details. I live in a hot climate and I was a best man at a outdoor wedding in the middle of July. Not good! My feelings for the bride and her family started off on the wrong foot!

    1. Katie Post author

      Most brides just want a perfect day and like everything the smaller details can get over looked thank you for the comment

  2. Rainey

    Great information. Too many people get so caught up in excitement that they miss the very details that could ruin the day.

    1. Katie Post author

      That happens often even the best laid plans can go astray, it is a lot of pressure and stress planning your wedding, thanks for you comment


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