How to save money

By | 29/08/2014

Saving money on your wedding costs


saving on your wedding costs

How to save money


We all want to have our dream wedding and have had certain plans in place as to how we see it, however financially it might not be possible to put together with in your time frame. So you can you have that dream wedding?  yes you can if you put it off until you have saved enough or take a loan out which means your starting off in debt,  why not just look at what you can create within the budget and time you have.

Some people have lived together and now have children or they might have an extended family so saving money is not as easy to do, especially when you consider the average wedding costs, which Brides magazine puts at £24,716 as at August 2014, a staggering amount of money, given the economic situation around the world this is no mean feat to achieve.


So what can we do?


  1.  We all search and dream of the perfect wedding dress and lets face it they often do not come cheap and  we only wear it once.  Consider second hand,   Look in charity shops, check local ads, look for sales, see if you can borrow one or  hire one perhaps you know of a good dress maker who can make your own design. You can buy online,a word of warning on this one though be sure  you know what you are getting , check the company out and ask for a sample of the fabric, nothing worse than poor finish or cheap material.  Give somewhere like ebay a try to.
  2. The venue takes up a  large chunk of your budget so spend time to go over your options.
  3. The catering can be included within the venue much will depend on how much money you have available. See my article on venue’s
  4. Every bride wants to have pictures or video’s to capture their day prices vary considerably for this service, these days we see some great video shots that are just taken with a smart phone or a decent digital camera, look for budding photographers or friends who are good with a camera.
  5. Decorations, are you creative or do you have family, friends who can assist, try and keep it simple to save time and costs it can still look very elegant, choosing a theme can make it easier.


The longer you have to plan the easier its on your budget as you can plan well ahead for each element of your wedding and can shop around for the best deals, mid week weddings do work out cheaper as most people go for a Saturday, can work in well if you have children or your a teacher for it can be planned around the school breaks, look at the quieter seasons such as Autumn and Winter, if it is nearer to the Christmas season you can perhaps save costs on a sit down meal and go for a traditional roast, decorations can be seasonal and help reduce costs.






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