How to take the headache out of a girls trip to New York

By | 10/06/2017

Girls trip to New York

Hudson river New York city

View by boat Hudson River New York

Over a year ago a we all decided to save and take a trip to the big apple as a run up to a family member’s wedding later this year, as a group of 10 this was a bit of an undertaking, so many girls different ages and with different tastes and idea’s of what we would all like to do.


It would take some working out so evolved the Big Apple group all connected via Whatsapp ( great thing to have) then came the savings club each person would save money each week appointed treasurer took care of banking (we had 18 months) , then there was the New York meetings we all came together each person was assigned a task (research) then discussions would take place usually in a nice pub.

Arranging the trip all comes down to good planning and like minded people we generally get on fine and like a bit of fun to so all good so far !

  • As we are all based on Scotland so we decided we would like to get our customs done in Dublin much easier and faster, so we used Aer Lingus for our flights Glasgow to Dublin by Easyjet then a hour stop over before connecting flight to JFK New York, due to fog we were a bit late in getting to Dublin no trouble for staff they met us and took us along to customs etc so there was no hanging about.
aer lingus on runway

Aer Lingus via Dublin Airport

  • From the airport we booked our own private shuttle worked out it came to $30 per person that is for a return trip,great value
  • driver was friendly and showed us some places of interest on route to our hotel, would recommend this easy and stress free, we did this online before we left UK just down load the vouchers book in at desk located near the baggage pick up area, give driver the vouchers  then just sit back and relax


  • We got a great deal on the hotel thanks to we stayed at the Roosevelt which is in a handy location not far from Time square and Grand Central station also some great food places located in the concourse at the station, we loved the Magnolia Bakery though not good if your trying to loose weight and lets face it we had our wedding outfits so needed to fit into them !!


  • We decided on the main attractions and wanted to see places such as the Empire state building, as we were having a 5 night stay we bought the New York City passes for three days which covers most of the big attractions including the night time cruise on the Hudson river to see the skyline by night do not miss out on this one.

    times square at night

    Night out in Time Square

  • We also planned out venues by area so not walking all over the place, saved time and energy, if you go to the 9/11 memorial and want to shop to there is Century 21st a bit like TKMaxx subway close by (Fulton st Station)


  • Looking for something a bit different why not take a limo tour you can take set tours or customise your own which is what we did, beautiful limo, driver was helpful and very polite nothing felt like too much trouble with him.


sculpture Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland Central Park

It really pays to plan well in advance and pay for services before you leave, saves time, money and hassle, New York city passes are great value, we decided to save a day for shopping so went the day before going home, which was great blow out with the last of our money !!  yes we did buy stuff on route or at the places we visited, we also had a fun night out and have to say we did not have really late nights as we wanted to make the most of our time and often it was breakfast on the go from the deli, |New York is hard going and tiring and a lot of fun to.


Services we used:


Ellen Stardust

Fun dinning experience not to be missed

I cannot stress enough about planning out your trip there is a lot to cover and New York is quite overwhelming especially if it is your first trip and you want to make the most of the time you have, unfortunately one of our group took unwell so it was a hospital trip and if they had not have been insured would have cost $1700.. Make sure you have travel insurance you never know what can happen, if you have pre-existing medical conditions try using All Clear they are very good and not over priced either.


We all had an amazing time and looking forward to our next adventure all being well Boston and a quick trip to New York again.!!  … want to find more out checkout Tripadvisor have left my reviews, remember this is the way we planned it and what we enjoyed. good planning allows you to tailor made your own experiences






12 thoughts on “How to take the headache out of a girls trip to New York

  1. Jo Jo

    I’m glad you all had such a good time. Your article caught my attention, because I know all too well how to have a headache out of a girls trip lol. It was horrible! And it was because it wasn’t well planned out and there were two girls who always bumped heads trying to be the “leader” at planning. But I just slipped away and did my own thing lol. So you are correct, it has to be like-minded people also a well planned out trip to avoid headaches on a girls trip. Travel insurance definitely takes away the worry if anything crazy happens on the trip. Love your article, thanks for sharing!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you JoJo for your comment see you took the easy option and sneaked off cannot say I blame you, planning is essential too many aspects of our life’s I also think it is good to get together and get everything ironed out before you go, no clashes then eh lol, if some in our party wanted to do some more shopping we would just do our thing and meet at a certain place thanks for stopping by

  2. stephanie

    im glad you had such an awesome time in New York! I grew up about an hour from there and it is a truly amazing city. Booking do com is a good resource too, i use it a lot for my trips.
    did you get a chance to see a broadway show? maybe youll need to go back again because there is just SO much to see and do.
    i love the limo idea, maybe if i go back to NYC with friends who havent been ill suggest that

    1. Katie Post author

      We did not get time to do a Broadway show on the list for next time, however we got a taste of it as Ellen Stardust was full of talented waitresses and waiters all looking for their chance to join the Broadway stars great dinner show for sure

  3. Hailey

    I am from Australia and have always wanted to go to New York!
    The big apple would be a bit daunting for a country girl like me!
    The tips that you gave are awesome!
    You have covered some great points and it will be so helpful to plan a future trip getting the heads up about what to expect!

    1. Katie Post author

      I do hope you get to New York it certainly is worth visiting we have decided to visit there again, such a lot to cover thank you for stopping by

      1. Hailey

        I hope I get there one day! Probably when the kids move out lol
        Seems like big place it probably would take more then one visit

        1. Katie Post author

          I have to say my first visit had to wait till the children flew the nest, it does feel a bit overwhelming when you first get there especially if your like me coming from a village in Scotland where my views are open fields and lots of hills, we plan to go again next year just for a couple of days perhaps

  4. S.Lee

    Great article, the links are especially helpful, as I wouldn’t know where to look for such information. New York is on my list of places to visit, can’t wait to get there! Sounds like you all had loads of fun. Thank you Katie.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment and I am sure one day you will take that trip to New York glad you found it helpful

  5. Andre Kish

    Hiya, Katie.

    I came across this article when I searched for Girls and Headache (LOL – I didn’t really, I promise)

    Couldn’t resist a quick light-hearted comment and saying Hi

    All the very best – Andre

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Andre long time no see, appreciate you stopping by hope all is well


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