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By | 09/11/2015

Wedding insurance do you have it ??

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With the average wedding costing around £20,000 in the U.K alone you would think that you would want to cover your wedding in the event of anything going wrong,, some may see this as a bit of doom and gloom however it is just good house keeping.

Insurance does not need to be expensive and gives you a peace of mind as it might not be anything going wrong at your end suppose for instance the venue closes down where does that leave you.

Even the small things going wrong  can impact on your special day even if you think that your wedding is not big and is not that expensive can you afford for anything to go wrong and do you have funds to cover any additional costs.

Is it worth having insurance !

It is estimated that as much as 75% of weddings are uninsured, so is it worth getting insurance only you can decide that , however whatever purchases you pay on your credit card offers some protection if anything goes wrong, if you have home insurance check and see if this offers any cover usually it is termed as special occasions.

There is always the feeling that if it is a big establishment that has been going for sometime that nothing can go wrong however this is not the case earlier this year fire damaged Parley Manor there has even been fire and water damage at bridal stores.

If you do decide to take out insurance check the policy carefully do not take out more than you need and remember not all wedding insurances cover your honeymoon, some offer this as an additional cost.protect your wedding day

What to look for in your policy

Make a list of each part of your wedding everything from the cost of flowers through to the venue include the cost, so when you come to selecting a policy you can make sure it covers everything do not take out more than you need to I know that this is yet another cost  however compared to what you can lose it is worth it.

Policies vary  and as with everything these days we have comparisons sites,places such as John Lewis have their own insurance, take your time to get the best buy ask others who have already had insurance for their wedding.

What happens if my venue cancelled last minute ?

Should you venue cancel last minute or go into administration you do have some protection if you paid for this with your credit card  or your debit card , credit cards do have the most protection should you not have any insurance as they are covered  by  section 75 of the consumer act to see more on this click here .


What if I am not insured how can I reduce my losses

If you are not insured but have paid on a credit card you will have some protection however you can look to resell your package either privately or you can use a broker some costs may be involved so please check first so you know what you are getting into as it is upsetting when things go wrong the last thing you want is to have even more stress by hidden costs, for further information and to generally look around I found this website though it is UK they do cover other countries.


When your planning your wedding make sure to include this aspect with in your costs, it might be that your covered in another way or you may think that your wedding is only small and it is not needed. Peace of mind need not be expensive so when planing your budget consider adding insurance.

For further information get a quote here.Weddingplan insurance








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