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By | 27/02/2016

Is Leap year of any significance to you ?? time is running out how many ladies will take the opportunity to propose to their boyfriends this year? or just someone you had your eye on, now that would be daring

Can a woman propose to her man on a leap year Yes she can, so where did this tradition come from, it is said it first started in the 5th century in the beautiful island of Ireland when St. Bridget complained about waiting too long for men to propose, St Patrick’s reply was that on this one day 29th February woman could propose to the man.

wedding proposal

leap year proposal

Time is running out Monday 29th will you be proposing ? want to tell us of your experience drop me a email, some might say its a lot of nonsense however for the romantics it is a nice bit of folklore.

In the modern world views are so different some may say it is ridiculous that a woman can only propose every four years.

Some of our celebraties do all the proposing woman such as Zsa Zsa Gabor who was married nine times claims she asked all of them.

It would take a strong confident woman to ask as after all there is always the possibility of rejection so if you can handle a possible no, go for it.

It could be said that perhaps the woman should do the proposing as they do all the planning for it, unless you have signed up for the show “Don’t tell the bride” where everything is left to the man to plan including the dress, then usually it is the woman that do all the planning.

I am a traditionalist I guess and as such I always feel the man should do the asking however times have changed so perhaps I now reside in the minority.

I think leap year proposals is quite a fancy notion and a bit of fun to, it is also a bit different and lets face it for something so old it keeps coming round every four years and there is always a buzz about proposing.

I am a firm believer in marriage despite ending up divorced however these days when your read the papers many celebrities seem to be married for such a short time.

Marriage here in the UK was on the decline however from around 2012 saw it making a come back and it seems to be increasing each year.

A couple of fun customs I came across and I found quite strange was if your propose and its a no then the man has to give you a kiss, buy you a silk dress and 12 pairs of gloves    purple silk dress

Or if you are in Finland and get a no then you get a fine fabric dress, who comes up with these traditions, you live in Greece it is considered bad luck to get married in a leap year.

If you are a t.v or celebrity you may know good old Judge Judy ( Judy Shenlin) her proposal got her second husband back in 1978 despite that marriage ending in divorce she remarried him once more.

Unlike Halle Berry who asked her ex husband David to marry her sadly it only lasted four years.


So what will you being doing on February 29th not looking to propose then why not have a night with the girls and watch the movie Leap Year I just love that movie and it is certainly worth watching.

If you are proposing and get a yes why not get some tips on wedding planning or should you want to ask any questions or share your moments just drop me a message



4 thoughts on “Leap Year

  1. Olivia

    Hello Katie,

    What a lovely website indeed. I enjoyed reading your articles and especially the Leap Year for proposing to men. It has enlightened me of the different traditions and according to each country and culture.

    I found quite strange also that if a woman propose and he tells you NO then the man has to give you a kiss, and also has to buy the woman a silk dress and 12 pairs of gloves. Why 12 pairs of gloves? I guess is for each month of the year?
    How wonderful indeed, it shows that not because he says no -he doesn’t care about the female proposing but on the contrary, it is perhaps a sign to tell the woman I WANT not just yet, because when a man gives you a kiss and gift normally it that comes from the heart and his love for you.

    I want to marry now 😉 but I know the leap has already past, however, your post is inspirational indeed, BUT, I need not to forget that I am happily married and I cannot marry again… unless is with the same man of course!!!

    Thank you for this amazing, informative, and fun article Katie, it has brought pleasant memories to my heart!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Olivia for your lovely comment and you can always renew you vows sometime later if you fancy it, it has been a long old tradition of the leap year proposal found the gifts for a no quite strange however through time lots has changed I do love weddings, it is one of those life events that holds so many possibilities of a better future.

  2. Terry

    Hi Katie;

    Hahaa…so Judge Judy DOES give second chances!:))

    You certainly present some whimsical and interesting marriage proposal traditions here!
    If the prospective groom in the UK turns down the would-be bride’s proposal…
    does he end up getting slapped in the face with all 12 pairs of gloves he buys her?
    I detect some subordinate, and possibly masochistic tendencies here;)

    Seriously, Katie; you have a BEAUTIFUL, romantic blog here, and very easy on the eyes.
    I see some VERY nice ideas you’ve sourced for wedding ceremony locations, fashions, venue planning large & small…
    Really nice! I think I’ll recommend your lovely site to my nieces:)

    All the BEST,

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Terry and yes there were some strange customs historically seems a bit simpler these days never thought of how many slaps with the gloves though, did wonder who comes up with these, weddings do not have to be expensive and it can be just as memorable even if you are on a very limited budget


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