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So far we have looked at the preparation and planning of a wedding if your having it within your own country,  however if you are marrying abroad, this can be quite daunting and certainly there are challenges you would not have at home.

There are companies who offer overseas packages, whilst I have had some good feed back from those who have gone down this road, equally there are those who have had their wedding ruined  such as the marriage not being legal back home, adverse weather, the reception not turning out the way it was supposed to.


The difficulties with having an oversea’s wedding is how many of your family and friends can come as it can work out expensive for your guests, one way around it is to have a small intimate wedding overseas come home and have a wedding party for everyone else to share the start of your married life.


Pro’s of marrying abroad

  • It is a complete package with honeymoon included
  • Someone else has done all the planning , so you just need rings, and your choice of what to wear
  • It has better weather
  • Can make it a family and friend holiday.
  • Depending on the destination could work out cheaper
  • If you are going as a group you may get further discount
  • Make sure you give family and guests enough notice to ensure they can cover costs, preparations and that passports have a min of six months before it expires.



Con’s off marrying abroad

  • You have no real control over your actual wedding and reception
  • If for any reason you do not like the resort  it may be difficult to move  or perhaps work out more expensive
  • You could suffer adverse weather especially if your somewhere that can have hurricane’s, check the seasons
  • With your family and guests in the same hotel will you get the privacy you would like.
  • Depending on destinations you may require vaccinations
  • In certain countries you need to take care with water, make sure you do not have ice in your drink, if unsure stick with bottled water
  • Be aware of your personal safety, laws and customs.
  • Require your passports and in some cases visa’s


Going for something abroad needs careful consideration , go with a reputable company even better if they come recommended, check to see what protection you have if anything should go wrong, make sure you get everything in writing and that you know exactly what they are providing.

If it is an unknown destination try and see it first if this is not an option ask your family and friends if they have been. Or look at a real time guide of hotels and facilities.

A lot of hotels have these and are very useful for it will give you an idea of what to expect, I would also suggest you get there a few days or so ahead of your wedding date so you can have a good look around and relax a bit beforehand.

Beach in Florida

Beautiful beaches of Florida

Beach wedding Florida

One of my favorite places in the USA is Florida it has a lot to offer from stunning beaches, resorts and an abundance of things to do. There are no shortages of themes or venue’s in beautiful Florida .

They enjoy great weather most of the time and it is a destination that has regular flights coming and going, with plenty of offers on flights or packages.

For those who would like a cruise but cannot afford it there is the opportunity to take a short trip to the Bahamas.

Do you like the big city feel but would still like the beach wedding there is always Miami, with the beautiful Florida Keys and very vibrant city, good night life and again much to do.

You could also do a combined package spending some time  in Orlando and then perhaps the other week spend time on the beautiful beaches of the Gulf coast.

This type of wedding would be a great way to combined family holiday for you can spend one week on your own and meet up  with the rest of the family at another resort.


Many dream of the Tropical wedding or honeymoon, those long windswept golden beaches, great weather and perhaps not as busy as Florida,  there are many locations to choose from and they all have something to offer.One of the top destinations was Thailand again they have many unique islands, rich in culture and good weather.

Many of the more exotic countries will require you to have vaccinations, visas , you also need to check if you need to take malaria tablets.

Does the country you want to visit have any issues, there is increasing unrest is some countries which may cause concern for your safety, remember also tropical storm and monsoon seasons look at the times they tend to occur.

More people are marrying abroad these days for many different reasons, often it can be less expensive , did you get marry abroad ? Why not share your experience with Albabride



4 thoughts on “Marrying abroad

  1. Linda

    Hello Katie, There are many great suggestions in this page to help keep one on task given they are thinking about a wedding in a foreign location. I liked the pro about it being a way for family and friends to include a vacation along with the wedding and the con was a reasonable consideration about not having control over the wedding and reception. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Linda glad it was of some help if you get stuck with anything will be happy to assist

  2. alexis nilo la hoz sarduy

    Hello Katie, it has been very useful to read your post. Your advises are good. No body knows for sure what the children will do in the future, and maybe my litlle ones get to plan to get married abroad.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for the comment Alexis there are certain advantages to marrying abroad however often many of your family and guests may not be able to afford to attend


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