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By | 24/07/2015

Weddings and Music festivals


There are many choices of wedding theme’s many still like the traditional types of weddings, however more brides seem to be heading for some quite unconventional weddings from underwater to high flying there seems to be no end of choices and theme’s.

I have just returned from the beautiful Island of Tiree in the outer Hebrides where the weather can change very quickly despite that it has many beautiful beaches, this time of the year the TMF is held and many come for this event each year, for the first time since the festival started, yes you got it the first TMF wedding was held.

TMF wedding

Ola & Brian

This lovely action shot was capture by Tiree Music Festival team, despite a bit of adverse weather this year it was not only a lovely day for the wedding but another great festival if you want to know more or would like to go for next year check out their site it gets booked very quickly.

I am sure you will join me in wishing Ola and Brian every happiness for the future ahead.

The idea of a beach wedding sounds very romantic but its not always practical, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want this type of wedding.

  • If you marry on a public beach everyone is on in it so no privacy
  • Do you need permission 
  • How accessible is it for everyone coming to the wedding
  • Weather 
  • Time of year
  • Location
  • Is the registar/minister prepared to do the service on the beach


These are just the main points to think on before you decide if this is something you would like to do, some people hold the complete wedding on the beach the compromise would be get married on the beach and have the reception at a hotel nearby or see if you can have it in one of the festival marquee’s.


evening sunset Tiree

Lovely evening sunset in Tiree

You will also have to consider how far your wedding party is prepared to travel and if it is affordable for your guests, getting married in the UK is perhaps a bit more achievable for your guests than going abroad unless you want to have a small group of family and close friends who are willing to combined it with a holiday.

With so much to consider and plan it is no wonder getting married is one of the top ten of stressful life events, nature provides many wonderful drop backs for a wedding however the weather and time of year needs to be taken into consideration, certainly in Scotland there are many romantic castles around some still in tact others partial ruins or in some case very difficult to access. Depending on the time of year you have to consider the annoying midgee’s and cleggs which can leave a nasty little bit.

Sailing around the many lovely islands of Scotland could make a memorable wedding and honeymoon, for those outdoor lovers there are no shortages of walks and sports, each Island has its own little bit of magic and something that will appeal to you.

Beautiful beaches of Tiree



I have been fortunate that I have done a reasonable bit of travelling and there are many stunning places throughout the world however I feel as small as Scotland is there is some outstanding beauty that touches the heart and a feeling of some magic in the air despite the weather.

So for all you music lovers out there perhaps a music festival atmosphere will inspire you to have your wedding at one of the many festivals that go on during the summer months.


Did you have your wedding at a music festival, why not share your experience with us or if your planning one stop by and let us know which one you will be at.


4 thoughts on “Music Festival Weddings

  1. Justine

    Hi Katie, thanks for such a great post, has given me some extra ideas for my wedding actually, my partner and I are still trying to do decide what we would like to do, this has given me some great ideas, thank you very much 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for stopping by glad it is of some help to you if I can help in any way just drop me an email

  2. Dyson

    To celebrate the spirit of Beloved, it feels like the right time to bask in the beauty and bliss of music festival-inspired weddings.

    1. Katie Post author

      It does make a great wedding theme if music festivals is your passion


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