Nature Wedding Theme Idea’s

By | 29/11/2015

Are you a nature lover and searching for some great idea’s

woodland bride


Nature can provide some wonderful settings for a fairy tale wedding if your a nature lover and like a sense of history why not explore the possibilities of The Hermitage at Dunkeld.

Steeped in history and set with in beautiful woodlands with Douglas fir trees over 200 foot high, and the stunning Black Linn water falls  where you can have the hand fastening ceremony,  the small circular hall it is not very big and would only hold around 20 people but the back drop is stunning as you are right on the edge of Black linn falls.

Black Linn Falls

Stunning Black Linn falls



It has good access and pathways are suitable for all, well maintained and make a beautiful walkway for the wedding party. This is another National Trust for Scotland site if your a nature lover this is the place to check out, they have many great sites and cost is very reasonable.


Dunkeld is a small town situated in the district of Perth and Kinross has good road links with the A9 running up that way. It also boasts its own Cathedral, nearby is the Hilton Hotel who cater for weddings and if your brave enough to marry in the winter they offer some great winter wedding packages.

Beatrice Potter spent a considerable amount of time at Dunkeld this is where she drafted her first book “The Tale of Peter Rabbit, there is a lot of history associated through time about this little town and is a popular tourist area.


Some points to consider when getting married outdoors at any beauty spot:

  • Weather it can be very changeable
  • How accessible is it, can your guests make the walk easily
  • You could be sharing your wedding with the general public
  • How many people can it hold, certain places have number limitations due to preservation rules
  • Can you have a venue there or is it just the ceremony
  • Insects nothing worse than annoying mosquitoes or any insects that bite
  • Facilities such as toilets, how close are they or do they even have any
  • Safety, Scotland like many places have some stunning settings however they are inaccessible
  • Location are there enough places for guests to stay should they be traveling from afar
  • Time of day ( could it get too hot or cold)

If you are able to and your getting married somewhere not local to you I would suggest going to the location of your wedding and perhaps having a day to explore and even stay overnight to check out accommodation that way you can pass on relevant information to your guests.

It can be false economy planning your wedding outsourcing every aspect such as the venue, ceremony and catering many places offer good value packages so make sure you check it all out

For example there are country houses that will let you hire the house with accommodation but you will need to hire your own marquee, catering and things like table and chairs, it can work out more expensive, you may also need to pay for a license to have it on the grounds.

So please check small print go over it thoroughly have someone check with you and make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Make a list of what your wanting compare it to what is included, also draw up a costing for a wedding where you are doing each element yourself, such as hiring a hall, caterer, DJ/music , whilst it is nice to do it all yourself it is stressful especially if your having quite a few guests and remember it does not always work out less expensive than a package.













4 thoughts on “Nature Wedding Theme Idea’s

  1. Darren

    When it came to my wedding I was like most me. You plan it all baby 🙂 But I can say. I have always appreicated a beatufl woman outside surrounded by beautful nature. My wife was so besutful at our wedding. And it was outside. This made every one of her features shine that much more.

    I think an outside nature wedding is an amsing idea.

    Do you think something in a forest type area would be good?

    1. Katie Post author

      Hi Darren

      I personally think that nature provides some wonderful places ideal for a wedding, and I am a great lover of forests provided it is suitable to accommodate your guests and the time of the year is right I do especially this particular area I have spoken about it is stunning and adds to the magic of the day, there is a feeling of connection which is liken unto the journey a couple takes through married life

      1. Darren

        that is so cool. I never looked and the symbolism between nature and human and human. But it makes sense as we do feel the connection is our life. The more I think about it. marriage seems to be a very similar commitment that we make to our world. we promise to be together until we die. to try our best to take care of one another forever.

        That Is the coolest. I am all for and outdoors ceremony. Funny that until I read this I never thought much about what types of weddings were better. it was just the person you were marrying it goes to show how great ideas can be found where you least expect it. It’s weird. I’m a male and now i want an outdoor wedding….

        1. Katie Post author

          Hi Darren it is all about starting your journey in life and marriage is no easy feat, is understanding each other and the day you marry is the start of sharing, so if you share certain passions and likes how best to start off by having a wedding that reflects both of your personality and the things you enjoy in life, just remember the downside to outdoors, heat, insects or rain and cold having said that I do love outdoors, just need to time it right, I am been to many different types of weddings popular just now is theme’s such as Star wars


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