Small Wedding Ideas

Are you stuck for small wedding idea’s   Not everyone wants a big wedding as they perhaps do not have the budget for one, might not have a big family or circle of friends and there are many places that have a minimum package. Just because a wedding is on a smaller scale does not… Read More »

Spring wedding season

Now we are almost into Spring the wedding shows are all around from the big events to small local events, the wedding industry is vast and the amount of choices seem limitless,so how do you narrow it all down, that would depend on what you have already got in place, if your looking for a… Read More »

Proof that wedding themes really works

The abundance of wedding theme’s Not everyone is concerned about having a theme type wedding however there has been a vast increase of very specific types of weddings from the zombie wedding to Disney fairy tale wedding. Statistics show there are more people having quirky weddings and here are some great short video’s to prove… Read More »

Church wedding decoration ideas

Are you looking for church wedding decoration ideas?   There are many lovely churches from the small and simple to the large and ornate and I am sure you would want your own personal touch by adding your own decorations.   This is a beautiful modern church, I just love the featured window which lets… Read More »

Country Wedding Idea’s

There is no shortage of good country wedding venue’s in Scotland from Castles to manor houses bringing you a touch of romance and a sense of history. enjoy the elegance of your venue and the wonderful settings they sit in. The  natural country side and wonderful gardens offer some stunning photo opportunities and if the… Read More »

Leap Year

Is Leap year of any significance to you ?? time is running out how many ladies will take the opportunity to propose to their boyfriends this year? or just someone you had your eye on, now that would be daring Can a woman propose to her man on a leap year Yes she can, so… Read More »

Wedding Dress Collections

Now that the festive season is over once more all the designer wedding dress collections will show case together with the various shows from the large exhibitions to the small local events, you can become so overloaded with choices your head might well spin and make it difficult to focus on anyone thing. I would… Read More »

Nature Wedding Theme Idea’s

Are you a nature lover and searching for some great idea’s   Nature can provide some wonderful settings for a fairy tale wedding if your a nature lover and like a sense of history why not explore the possibilities of The Hermitage at Dunkeld. Steeped in history and set with in beautiful woodlands with Douglas… Read More »

Insure the day

Wedding insurance do you have it ?? With the average wedding costing around £20,000 in the U.K alone you would think that you would want to cover your wedding in the event of anything going wrong,, some may see this as a bit of doom and gloom however it is just good house keeping. Insurance… Read More »

Plus size wedding garter

The humble wedding garter   Just about every bride will sport a garter on her wedding day so what is the importance of the garter ? A brief history of the garter Historically it was used to hold a stocking up however in the 1930’s and 1940’s as a way to conceal small valuables such… Read More »