Music Festival Weddings

Weddings and Music festivals   There are many choices of wedding theme’s many still like the traditional types of weddings, however more brides seem to be heading for some quite unconventional weddings from underwater to high flying there seems to be no end of choices and theme’s. I have just returned from the beautiful Island… Read More »

Wedding favors ideas

The humble wedding favor    Given to guests as a gesture of gratitude for attending your wedding, the tradition is a very old one, first seen in and around Europe which started between the aristocrats it usually consisted of a small trinket box ,crystal and sometimes china containing sugar cubes or fine confectionery  which symbolized… Read More »

Wedding hair accessories for brides

Choosing hair accessories   We all want to look our best for our wedding day, the big things seem obvious it is the little detail that can stand out without over shadowing the dress. As with most things these days we have a choice overload and looking through all the online selections are a big… Read More »

How to create your own wedding invitations

How  to create your own wedding invitations that look professional   Personalized wedding invitations can work out expensive especially if you wish to have your very own unique design, yes it will take up your time but if you like doing a bit of craft work why not give it a go. You tube is… Read More »

Real cost of a wedding

What do we mean by the real cost of a wedding, most of us and myself include automatically think in terms of money, however watching the news the other day something caught my attention. The wedding industry is vast and the average cost of a wedding here in the UK is around £18,000 In the… Read More »

How to save money

Saving money on your wedding costs     We all want to have our dream wedding and have had certain plans in place as to how we see it, however financially it might not be possible to put together with in your time frame. So you can you have that dream wedding?  yes you can… Read More »

Keep Calm and Carry on

We live in a world where everything seems to move at a fast pace and is constantly changing, the average bride would have spent around one year planning and arranging her wedding so it is no surprise when the day arrives they are suddenly hit with nerves and in some cases panic.   KEEP CALM… Read More »

Castle weddings Scotland

Scottish wedding castles.   There are many castles around Scotland with some wonderful settings and offering very good packages, when people talk of castles as a possible venue for their wedding the first thoughts are it must be very expensive. For a single day package for somewhere like Dundas Castle a package averages between £4600… Read More »

Marriage, love & scandal

Marriage, love and scandal  Gretna Green has many stories to tell When people hear of  Gretna Green they all associate it with elopement, so how did it become so famous over the years and still remains a popular place to get married. 1754 Lord Hardwick’s Marriage Act introduces a minimum age of 21 without parental… Read More »