Unique wedding ideas

Here at Albabride we are always looking out for unique wedding ideas Every year on the last week in May thousands of people travel to the Scottish Island of Islay, why you might ask yourself, surprisingly it is for the Whisky Festival. There are eleven distilleries on the Island and every year they have open… Read More »

Lace Wedding Dresses

With many wedding fashion shows under way it would seem lace is making a bit of a comeback, we generally see more bride’s choosing strapless gowns especially during the summer months. When Kate Middleton married Prince William it came as a surprise to see so much lace work was on her dress. The  dress was… Read More »

Bridal shoes diamante or plain

Shoes are something I love,if your have every seen the movie In her Shoes with Cameron Diaz, I would love a selection just like that. Over the years we have seen many trends in footwear, but I have to say despite how it looks the platform shoe is comfortable, there are many stunning diamante shoes… Read More »

How to plan a beach wedding

Whilst a beach wedding sounds romantic,it can bring many unexpected challenges. Living in the UK  the weather is so unpredictable and could end up ruining the whole day. If your in a hotter climate could be too hot and uncomfortable, go for late afternoon. There are many stunning beaches around the UK especially in the… Read More »

Wedding to do list

Managing you wedding plans   Once the excitement of the announcement is over and you decide on a date then comes the reality of putting it all together and suddenly there seems to be a hundred and one things to get organized , one of the first things we think about is the dress and… Read More »

Take the stress out of planning your wedding

  Planning your wedding is one of the most stressful things to undertake.   I am going to take you through the steps to provide you with a plan of action. Putting everything in place to create the wedding you want to have. As I take you through the stages there are two words I… Read More »