Plus size wedding garter

By | 12/09/2015

The humble wedding garter

wedding garter


Just about every bride will sport a garter on her wedding day so what is the importance of the garter ?

A brief history of the garter

Historically it was used to hold a stocking up however in the 1930’s and 1940’s as a way to conceal small valuables such as a purse. During the time of Prohibition in America woman used it to conceal a small hipflask.

In the western world it has become a wedding tradition usually at the end of the wedding the groom removes it, this was considered symbolic of deflowering. During the middle ages the grooms men would rush the bride to gain the garter as their prize sounds frightening thankfully today it is reserved just for the groom.

I cannot imagine how scary it must have been when all the men charged in to try and get the garter or perhaps for some it would have been exciting there was also the myth that to obtain a part of the wedding dress brought good luck so it meant some poor bride having her dress ripped to bits, good to know this does not happen now.

Today most brides still opt to have a garter and there are many places you can  get them handmade to your own taste, there are more than enough choices around when it comes to garters, however if you want something a bit special Silkgarters have some very unique styles, I have no affiliation with this company just loved there selection and the quality is very nice, and for those Scottish brides who would like to sport a bit of tartan you will not be disappointed either.

If your a bargain hunter and do not wish to spend a lot of money on a garter why not check out whats on offer on Amazon or take a look at Etsy
 This is a pretty swarovski crystal garter on Amazon


How to wear your garter

The best place to wear your garter is just above the knee so that you do not cut off your circulation, whilst you want a good fit do not be tempted to get one that is too tight because your worried it might fall down, try it out before your big day to see where it is most comfortable and do not forget to let the groom know which leg it is on. It is also good to have it a bit lower so when your having photo’s taken  your not showing more than you would like.


Not all of us has the perfect figure so garters can be made to any size, or you may want to make your own  and add your own detail, so if your feeling ambitious or you simply enjoy sewing this short you tube video  shows you step by step how to make your very own garter, hope it all turns out well if you decide to go down this road, sewing is not one of my strong points.

Got a unique garter why not share your picture with Albabride, feel free to drop me a message

2 thoughts on “Plus size wedding garter

  1. Andre Kish

    Hello – I’ve got images of a wedding punch up going round my head now. It’s just as well times change a little and we are more sedate than we used to be.

    Being a guy who’s been a long time married to my lovely wife, may I ask if this tradition is still as strong today as it was when we were married 20+ years ago? Back then, the something old, something new, tradition was still very keenly observed and the wedding garter was by then a very private thing. I do hope it remains so, as it is part of the tradition and the charm of any wedding.

    It’s also part of what makes the day special.

    Thanks for a great read – it took me back to my own wedding day.

    Best wishes – Andre

    1. Katie Post author

      Not many men stop by the wedding site, and yes most brides still wear the garter usually with a bit of blue and thankfully it is just for the groom these days can you imagine how scary it would have been years ago, glad you enjoyed the journey down memory lane Andre


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