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The travel industry is vast and there are more companies popping up offering complete wedding packages that includes your honeymoon.  So what is included in the package and what is the average cost, it may take up time but it is worth looking at the many reviews out there, the amount of people marrying abroad is increasing.

A wedding in  Mallorca Spain averages around £3.500 for a package to be married in a Yacht club, this is for 50 guests and includes a meal, it seems great value when you consider the average UK wedding comes in at £17.800.

Beautiful coast line Spain

This is the largest of the Spanish Islands and is very popular with tourists, there are frequent flights from the UK so there is no long haul travel involved and if you book in advance can get a good deal on the flights, if your a smaller party and like the sun this could be very good value.

There is draw backs to marrying abroad it can work out costly for your guests and may mean you will not have everyone attend.

Many established travel companies now offer a variety of wedding packages. a company that has been offering couple breaks since 1981 is Sandals whilst they may not be the least expensive they do offer many deals, all inclusive and if your booking early they often offer a free theme or wedding there is a good selection of Caribbean locations with a touch of luxury.

Not all the beaches are private so check everything before hand, there is an option for a private island beach, costs would be higher. If you reside in the USA the Carribbean may be a good choice for you the average USA wedding is around $30,000 with a Sandals wedding it could be anything from $10,000 to $50,000 dollars.Luxury wedding destination

As with everything it comes down to how much can you afford or want to spend on your dream wedding, there are many ways to save on costs without compromising on your dreams.


You wedding and honeymoon if your having one is perhaps the largest part of your budget so you want to get the best deal you can.  Most of the big tour operators have many offers and some offer tailor made packages, pricing varies and it all comes down you affordability and time of the year.











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