Proof that wedding themes really works

By | 16/01/2017

The abundance of wedding theme’s

Not everyone is concerned about having a theme type wedding however there has been a vast increase of very specific types of weddings from the zombie wedding to Disney fairy tale wedding.

Statistics show there are more people having quirky weddings and here are some great short video’s to prove it is being done every week ! and Disney resorts are more than busy with weddings.


Whilst Shrek or Hello Kitty may not appeal to you there is no doubt that theme’s such as this is growing in popularity and whilst I am still a bit of a traditionalist they do look fun, not sure of what the guests or parents really think about it though, I imagine the children will think it is cool.

Some weddings to capture a mixture of theme’s , how about cowgirls meet storm troopers ? might now be your thing but it does not look too out of place, what do your think ? I quite like it something no one will forget.

storm troopers meet cowgirls













Every bride was her day to be special and memorable however making it a quirky and fun wedding does not take away the commitment you make to each other on your wedding day.

Like a touch of romance how about the classic Disney movies such as Snow White or Cinderella could work out expensive or be a bit overboard,

Snow white wedding theme















Certainly far removed for the traditional white wedding and on average there are 5000 weddings each year at Disney resorts though it does not come cheap and would depend on when your were getting married and at what location want to find out more on costs for 2017 at Disney  and do not forget on top of the costs there is your travel expenses.

You could create any theme you want these days and it need not always work out to a big budget, the biggest part of your budget comes down to the venue hire, catering costs and entertainment, naturally if you are having a lot of guests then the catering bill can be quite hefty, sometimes it can all come down to compromise with either how much you will spend on your honeymoon or how many guests your having.

fairy tale wedding













We have far too many choices these days and in one way it is great and in another it can drive you crazy in trying to decide and in some ways you might think who is the wedding for your guests or you, I always thought of it as having a great party with family and friends whilst making the commitment as a couple to share your life’s journey with each other good and the bad, some say they cannot justify the costs others see it as a dream wedding and cost is not as important.

I have to admit I love weddings helping people plan was wonderful being a guest is even better no stress involved with that one just enjoying sharing that special day with someone.

If you are getting married soon I wish you a long life of happiness, health and wealth on your life together and no matter what type of wedding you have it will always be memorable for you.


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