Real cost of a wedding

By | 13/10/2014

What do we mean by the real cost of a wedding, most of us and myself include automatically think in terms of money, however watching the news the other day something caught my attention.

The wedding industry is vast and the average cost of a wedding here in the UK is around £18,000

In the USA it runs between $22,000 to $29500 it would seem it is according to which state you live in.

There is no doubt the wedding industry is constantly expanding and worth a considerable amount of money it is also a very competitive industry

wedding couple

So back to this aspect of the real cost of a wedding, according to new research carried out in the USA the amount of money you spend on your wedding can reflect on the length of your marriage.


Channel 4 reports on the new research results :  CLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT


It was very interesting thought  that  depending on how much money you spend on your wedding would determined how long your marriage lasted.

Economists and Divorce lawyers seem to support these findings to.

Do many couples just get caught up in the creation of a perfect day?, then seem to be at a loss as to how to get on with the building of the marriage, according to a an article written by the Daily mail newspaper Britain has the highest divorce rate in Europe.

Now no one wants to think about their marriage breaking up before they have even got married but perhaps we need to give more thought about the life long journey with the person we are going to share it with,

As big as the wedding industry so is the one offers all sorts of advice on how to have a good successful marriage, some people would suggest that the last generation of longer lasting marriages were just something you did, but is that true , surely it depends on the two people entering into the partnership.

No doubt everyone has their opinion of what is the secret of a long happy marriage, for those who are embarking on marriage it has to be your own secret since we all have our own perception of things. What works for one does not always work for the other.

On that note I will leave you all to work out your own findings, should you wish to share any thoughts on this drop me a message






7 thoughts on “Real cost of a wedding

  1. septiana

    Hi Katie

    Married is about sharing happiness and joy with one person we are going to share it with. Here, married is not just for two persons but a whole family, that makes more complicated.

    1. Katie Post author

      You are right and not every wedding with families are straight forward especially for those with parents who are divorced and do not get on well

  2. Jovo Vranjes

    Great site Katie, you really followed all good advises from our mentors at WA. Nice and clear as it should be. Jovo

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Jovo appreciate you stopping by and we do have great mentors I am still a work in progress

  3. GrampaMike

    I had no idea there were statistics on the relationship between how long a marriage lasts and the cost of the wedding. What wonderful information to know. I’m going to save a ton of money on my 2 daughter’s weddings.

    1. Katie Post author

      Neither did I till I was doing my research and I was quite taken back that there was such a thing, sometimes some people can get so focused and consumed by the all important wedding day they have not consider the road ahead, found it interesting anyhow you can still have a great wedding without spending loads on it I planned and organized my own two daughters weddings


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