Spring wedding season

By | 01/02/2017

Now we are almost into Spring the wedding shows are all around from the big events to small local events, the wedding industry is vast and the amount of choices seem limitless,so how do you narrow it all down, that would depend on what you have already got in place, if your looking for a local venue then perhaps it would be wiser and less stressful to go to the nearest local event.what wedding shows are around

The two big main events tend to be around February then again in October these big shows such as the Scottish Wedding Show which is being held in Glasgow tends to be a day out affair with so much on show case it can become overwhelming.

Spring is just as beautiful as any season with everything springing back into life there are many wonderful flowers and colours to choose from, in certain area’s an out door wedding will look great however for those who live in the UK you can get every season in one day.

There are many venues from Castles to register offices to hold your wedding, that can bring the splendour of the outdoors to your wedding with stunning views surrounding the venue.

Every woman has their own dream of how they want their special day to go and sometimes their budget does not match the dream, do not give up on it, shop around and see how close you can get to it without being stressed, there are many ways to cut corners without compromising on the quality or the effect you want to create

 Do not be afraid to negotiate to get a better deal with the people who’s services you will be using and do not be tempted to get carried away whilst attending wedding shows, once you have everything organised and planned do not keep looking around otherwise you can end up with conflicting idea’s.


When choosing your flowers try and stick to what is in season it will save you money and there are no shortage of beautiful spring flowers around from soft gentle colours to the bright and boldspring colours for weddings

Keep in mind the season how warm is it normally no one likes to be too hot or cold I know the day belongs to the couple however you do not want unhappy guests either.

From sweeping beaches to beautiful forest glades there are simply endless choices just bear in mind whilst nature bring beauty it can also be brutal, we hear of stories of going to lovely tropical places to get married and the run into severe storms, so be prepared.

One of the most important part of planning and organising your big day is to make sure the groom feels included and let him know what is going on, a wedding can be as stressful as you make it, so much goes into the planning and preparation when the day arrives so many emotions can surface and even panic can catch you out, for more on stress see my tips to help. relaxing during your wedding

I think weddings are really beautiful no matter where and the time of the year it is one of those uplifting life events you can feel the love and the possibilities for the future ahead, in the world today I do not think there is enough love or happy events going around.




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  1. Jonathan

    Hi Katie! Thank you for your tips on wedding planning 🙂
    Can’t wait till the day I can start planning my wedding and have beautiful photographs to remember it by!

  2. Katie Post author

    Hi Jonathan when that day comes if I can help let me know, thanks for stopping by


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