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Now you have both made a choice to get married the first start of planning is choosing a date, once you have agreed the date you then need to decide what type of wedding, how much time you have to save and prepare.

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Getting married is a happy occasion but it is also a very stressful one , a budget is a must so if you are not paying for the whole wedding by yourselves then you need to all sit down and decide how much money is available to spend.

As a personal preference I always feel that dividing up costs for each element makes things simpler.

For example decide how much you want to spend on a dress, bridesmaids outfits, grooms and all the accessories and put this money aside.


What sort of wedding do you want to have , does it fit in with your budget.

Always shop around to see if you are getting the best deals and do not be afraid to negotiate to  get a discount or some extra’s thrown in.

Also ask around to see if anyone can assist you with any of the trimmings you want to have, perhaps you have some friends who flower arrange or are good at crafting, even baking a cake for this could be taken as your wedding gift and help keep costs down for you.

Do you want to be different and have a very unique dress perhaps you know a good dressmaker or someone you know has this talent.

When looking at color schemes or theme’s can you find something that looks elegant, fun or funky that would not run away with costs, after all not everyone has an unlimited budget for their special day.


Wedding Checklist


  • Set a date
  • Choose type of wedding
  • Financial planning, make sure you understand the amount others are putting towards your wedding, set a budget
  • Venue
  • Type of catering required
  • DJ/Band
  • Type of Transport you like for wedding
  • Photographer
  • Cake
  • Flowers
  • Choose rings
  • The dress/accessories
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Grooms attire


There are many good books, apps and planners around to help you focus on all the planning aspects, the same applies to having a wedding gift wish list, stores and amazon have this choice which makes it easier for you and your guests.

If you have the budget and are comfortable you could hire a professional wedding planner who would take a lot of the stress off you, always check around and also make sure you see what their work is like a good planner will have a portfolio much like a photographer.

I always say once you have secured your venue and whatever package your going with you can set a time scale for the other aspects, then list time sensitive tasks such as transport, photographer, band or DJ, catering if your not having it with in your package

9 thoughts on “Wedding Do list

  1. Derek waters

    I think your checklist is a great idea, I am not a very organised person, so I will take this on board, I think your site has lots of good information.

    regards Derek.

    1. admin

      Thank you for your comment having a checklist works well and takes some of the stress out of things especially once you see everything is getting done

  2. Katie

    Hi Wayne I am working on your Scottish make up artist thanks for leaving a comment

  3. Rod

    I have three daughters and they all talk about their wedding days with that sparkle in their eye. It scares me quite frankly, but I am bookmarking this site because I believe you can help.

    1. Katie Post author

      Do not panic Rod my daughters got married within three months of each other does not have to cost the earth, they both had lovely weddings. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Renee

    Hi Abigail, This list can come in handy. Love your site. It’s nicely put together. Best 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Renee having a list or plan for your wedding is essential, keeps you on budget and ensures the important things get done

  5. Eve

    This post couldn’t be written any better! Thanks for sharing excellent informations.


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