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By | 18/01/2016

Now that the festive season is over once more all the designer wedding dress collections will show case together with the various shows from the large exhibitions to the small local events, you can become so overloaded with choices your head might well spin and make it difficult to focus on anyone thing.

I would advise anyone who has made their choices not to go anymore wedding shows or keep browsing through more stuff such as wedding dresses, shoes etc as it often causes doubts on what you have decided to go with, once you have it all sorted take time out from it planning it cuts down the stress.Zuhair Murad collection

We often see the new collections coming up on the cat walk realistically how many dresses do you see that is just not practical, do you really want to get married in something that reveals too much or looks too futuristic, now if you do not like conventional that is fine.

Gone are the days when it was all very much traditional, now we are seeing theme weddings with brides dressed as leia and the groom Luke Sky Walker or even getting married underwater.

If you are not a lover of big shows, look around your area for the local events coming up, it would seem there are not just showcases for the usual services such as cars now you get band showcases which can be useful.

Nothing worse than hiring a band and finding out they are not that great, after all you want your wedding day to be remembered as a good event for you and your guests.

Have fun with these weddings shows try things out enjoy the splendor of it and the goody bags they sometimes give out but unless you know exactly what you want commit to nothing on the day especially if you are going to attend some others, how many times have you bought something only to find out you saw something you liked better or found a better bargain.

Make it a girls day out and take a practical person with you that can halt any impulse buying or signing up to something. What are the trends for 2016 seems lace is very much on the table still, however this season seems to be revealing more than you would expect.

Spring 2016 collection VeraWang

Creation by VeraWang



Vera Wang has certainly made use of lace this year however I feel you would really need to be daring for this creation, she is one of my favorite designers but has she gone a bit far with this one. What do you think?


Found a nice video showing some of the wedding dress trends for this year, still looking for your dream dress perhaps this short clip will give you some inspiring ideas, enjoy



Video created by Fashion Trend Seeker

2 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Collections

  1. Gregory

    Hi Katie,

    Interesting article about wedding dresses. Theme weddings seem so strange to me.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I mean really, who wants to remember their special day with a special person by paying homage to a movie such as Star Wars?

    Perhaps I am more on the traditional side. To each their own for whatever works for them I suppose.

    1. Katie Post author

      It does taking sometime to get your head around the various choices of themes that brides and grooms choose, from football stadiums to sky diving, like you I am a bit more traditional and as you said each to their own


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