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By | 27/06/2015

The humble wedding favor 

make your own wedding favor

wedding favours


Given to guests as a gesture of gratitude for attending your wedding, the tradition is a very old one, first seen in and around Europe which started between the aristocrats it usually consisted of a small trinket box ,crystal and sometimes china containing sugar cubes or fine confectionery  which symbolized wealth and royalty. At that time sugar was an expensive luxury, over the years as sugar became less expensive so eventually this was replaced by almonds as a sign of the bitter sweet journey of a marriage.


Today we see many different kinds from a simple chocolate heart to more expensive gestures for those who have something special in mind and more money in their budget. If you like the idea of Almonds here is a lovely favour you can make this has been a long standing traditional favour

If you are not the creative sort or feel you would rather buy some first decide on what sort you want, do you want it personalized, something you eat many confectioners will do chocolate favors, or perhaps you would like a novelty type favor. I came across this one from Amazon and thought it was very cut as well as a bit different.
 A Great idea get conversation going at the table !!


Creating a visual board may help you put everything together this can be done free and quite simply, if you have not looked at Pinterest why not have a browse through and choose the elements you like or choose from the many boards that are available to follow and pin all the things you would like for your wedding.

There are many low cost and easy ways to create your perfect wedding favor once you have booked and sorted out your venue it will be less pressure and leaves time to go over the other aspects and remember keeping to you budget is important as it can impact on having the wedding you desire.


Many wedding magazines now have an online presence this would save costs browsing online as buying them over the counter could prove expensive not too mention addictive buying them.

If your having children at the wedding why not consider favors for them some of them can also have small activities to keep them busy, one website that offers some nice choices and offer free samples is Favour Fairy, always shop around for the best deals and choices.


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      Thank you Jeff glad you liked the setup so to speak, think you will find your wife is still your bride lol


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