Wedding hair accessories for brides

By | 11/03/2015

Choosing hair accessories


We all want to look our best for our wedding day, the big things seem obvious it is the little detail that can stand out without over shadowing the dress.

As with most things these days we have a choice overload and looking through all the online selections are a big task even if you are browsing from the comfort of your home.

Personally I am of the opinion that you need to decide on the hair style first and I would strongly recommend you have a few trial runs first.

Having long hair would perhaps give more choice as to what you can wear in it, but it does not mean you cannot create something special with short hair.


Things to consider:

  • What effect do you want to create
  • Does you hairstyle suit the shape of your face
  • If your having your hair coloured do not leave it too near the date of your wedding
  • Will you be having a veil and does it compliment the overall effect
  • What works with your dress

Why not have a look at some of the top hairstyles for brides this year, this is more for those with longer hair


Do not worry if you have short hair there are some great styles around and accessories to compliment them to.

Grow your hair faster with hair extensions

Depending on the length of your hair you could also consider hair extensions if you would like more length or you want to thicken up your hair, however make sure you get them done properly and if you cannot afford this then there is the option to buy them but do get advice and make sure they are not likely to damage your hair.

Look for someone who has used either the hairdresser or bought the type of extensions your looking at first and have a few trials to see how it looks and feels, nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on the day.


Accessorizing you hair


There are some amazing hair accessories these days to cover just about any theme or era, you could also consider a fresh flower arrangement, work out how much you want to spend to, for the accessories can eat away at your budget.


A simple hair band style would suit short hair as well as longer hair, this is a lovely vintage style band with Austrian crystal and pearls in a daisy flower style, it is quite good quality and offers good value for the cost.


This is a lovely head piece and would look great for those with those with long hair.


Elegant Butterfly head band with Crystal beads set in a silver plated design, would grace any head though recommend the use of an additional clip to keep it secure again it is a vintage band, if you want something more traditional perhaps this one would appeal to you.


Stylish Tiara set with Austrian crystals and pearl very romantic looking, this comes with matching earrings which offers very good value.


When choosing your accessories take into account what time of the year your wedding is, the setting, is it outdoors would you prefer fresh flowers in your hair, do you want something simple, do you want some extra sparkle, you also need to decided if you want a veil as the tiara needs to show off the veil to.

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  1. Angela

    Hi Katie,
    I love the tips on wedding hair styles for short hair! Just need some time to choose a suitable hair band for a girl friend. Not an easy decision.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you glad you found it of some use sure you will find the right one have some friends help make your choice


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