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By | 20/02/2014

Managing you wedding plans


Once the excitement of the announcement is over and you decide on a date then comes the reality of putting it all together and suddenly there seems to be a hundred and one things to get organized , one of the first things we think about is the dress and whilst that is fine our focus should turn to getting the big things sorted out such as where am I going to get married.

side bridal hair

Side hair jewelry for a simple elegant hair style



You will notice in my wedding planning to do list I have set out a checklist of things to be done and at the bottom you see the wedding dress /accessories , this is for a reason for you will enjoy the experience of choosing your dress, the bridesmaids etc more for all the other things have been done and you just have this to focus on, get together with the girls make a day of it, have lunch,pamper yourselves and have fun with it all.


Plan ahead, which dress shops you want to look at do not just go for the first thing you see unless it stands out for you, narrow your choices down to a few and go back and try them on again , see what the others think, one tip I learned from a friend who is a great bra fitter is take whatever your wearing under the dress with you to try it out and make sure you have a good fitting bra it can make all the difference to how the  dress fits,however if you are having a dress with a basque style top with support you will not need a bra.

Most bridal shops do not allow you to take photo’s but some may allow you to take a polaroid shot of your short list and let you see sit and look at them so you can see how you look with the short list of dresses you like, you will have to leave the photo’s behind though, but if you are struggling to choose this would be of help


2 thoughts on “Wedding to do list

  1. Andre Kish

    Hello. Lovely blog site.
    Do you have any info re child friendly photgraphers?
    This is one of the things some frinds are very curious about.
    Many thanks

    1. Katie Post author

      It would depend on what area you are looking for Andre a really good photographer that specializes in weddings would be good, if you have someone who is good with a camera that could work, one of my friends had disposable camera’s for people to take random shots got some great pictures there is the risk of the one who gets drunk and takes dubious ones or you could ask your guest to upload pictures to an app.. seems that you can get an app share pics on facebook page just for that, hope this is helpful for you


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