Wedding Venues


Beautiful wedding venue

Would make a stunning wedding venue, Blair Castle



  • Start with a list of possible wedding venues in the area of your choice
  • Be bold negotiate
  • Get married during the week
  • Hire a hall and decorate it yourselves
  • Look at your catering package
  • Check how many people are coming, do you need that many
  • Get married in the quieter months, take care with December many places are booked for Christmas parties early
  • Is there someone with a good size garden that could take a marquee
  • There is always the beach option, has its draw backs see my article on beach weddings
  • How about a bar, some have great function rooms
  • Many golf clubs offer wedding packages
  • Private clubs
  • Social clubs
  • Even some cafe’s and restaurants would hire out their premises
  • And there is always a boat


With numerous wedding venues around it can be difficult and time consuming choosing.

Ask around, chat with your friends or people you know that have been married recently, can they recommend somewhere.

Always check the terms of conditions before you part with your money, if for any reason you need to change the date or even cancel you could lose the best part of your depositor the whole amount.

These days more people are taking out insurance for their Weddings, so it is worth considering especially if you have spent a lot of money .


Wedding Venue

First dance as a married couple



  • Location, can your guests easily get there.
  • Does it have adequate facilities
  • Ask to see how it would be set out for your reception
  • Sample their food if you are eating there
  • Does it have parking
  • If its a hired hall who has to do the clearing up some places charge extra, make sure you check this when booking
  • If your required to pay a damage deposit,when will that money be returned
  • Make sure they have insurance to cover any accidents that may happen on their premises
  • Is there suitable places to take photographs
  • When does the bar close or their license hours end, some places you need to apply for your own bar license
  • Is it a public beach and do you need permission to get married there



Venue’s around Scotland

There are many great venue places around Scotland from the grand to the small and simple, you can still have a small wedding but have a taste of luxury, check out my small wedding theme idea’s.

Town and City weddings

I came across a lovely pub in Paisley slightly off the beaten track called Canal Station, it offers free room hire, though the building is older it is done up beautifully, has a beer garden and parking.

I was really surprised when I went inside it is very chic and modern, staff were friendly and helpful, for a smaller party would be worth checking out.

Now it is easy to forget town halls do not rule them out as they have some wonderful function rooms and buildings,for example look at Paisley town hall it has recently been restored and looks wonderful just opposite the lovely and historic Paisley Abbey so some good photo opportunities.


View of Abbey and Town hall




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