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By | 02/10/2017

Marrying in the Winter

white wedding bouquet

We are fast approaching winter and some brides will be getting ready for their wedding and some in the planning stages. There is some advantages to a winter wedding and if your big on Christmas you can combined the event with your special day.


  • Save on costs
  • Great choice of decorations especially in December with Christmas coming around
  • If you are in a warmer country do not have to worry about cold
  • More choices with certain bridesmaids dresses
  • Christmas type of theme already in place


Of course depending on where you live this might not appeal some bride’s quite like the idea of a winter wonderland despite the cold.


Cons of winter:


  • Need to consider the date if its a December wedding many places are booked for Christmas functions to.
  • Cold weather if your in the northern hemisphere or too hot if in southern hemisphere
  • Roads can be closed due to weather
  • Guests may not be able to make it if its too near to Christmas
  • May struggle to get flowers of your choice

Pr0’s of a winter choice

  • You can save on costs as off season usually offers discounted packages
  • Christmas can offer a good variety of festive decorations and lots of bargains around this time
  • Discounted honeymoon destinations


Have you every considered a New Year wedding could be hard to find a venue perhaps but it would be something just about everyone will want to come to especially if it is the 31st December as the date and see the New Year in together with all your family and friends.


There are also themed type of weddings such as a Winter Wonderland, in fact this time of the year there are lots of fancy dress outfits around, have seen one wedding which was at Halloween during the day it was traditional and at night we all had to change dress to fit the theme, children loved it lots of scary stuff and no shortage of sweets.


Now if your looking for something a bit special for your cake why not check this cool cake from the Disney Fairytale weddings, think it is really cool.   What do you think ?


It would be so easy to get carried away with your wedding there seem to be endless choices available and if your lucky enough to have a big budget then it might not be so much of a problem for you, however do not give up if you do not have lots to spend there are still many low cost ways to create the right setting for your wedding.


Select the colours you want to have , can you use foliage that is local to you, add some splashes of colour around, is there seasonal decorations that would fit in, if your creative put something together, check out craft fairs and shops for ideas.

Nice and trendy with warmth of winter colours. Would grace any wedding event

simple winter decor for tables

Winter theme


Go to local venues look at there set up for wedding packages this can help give you idea’s even if its not where you are going to get married, if your getting married in the Autumn in a church sometimes they already have all the harvest decor up and it can be a very nice addition to your wedding and save on costs


When it comes to flowers and decor if you keep within the season it can dramatically reduce your costs, things sourced locally can work out so much better.


Soon the wedding fairs will start making their rounds go along see what is current, compare services, ask questions and see if there are any products or services on offer at discounted rates.

It may take up a bit of time but shop around , keep notes and list what you want, I know the dress is always high in the list but that should be near the bottom sorting out the venue needs to be first especially if it is a very popular place, you will feel so much better looking for your dress and knowing the main things are in place.


If you want to capture the essence of winter here are some inspired idea’s for table centre piece’s that would grace any table.





Christmas is a busy time and getting married near this time could be a bonus you could have a simple white pre lite tree with some crystal table scatters.

Simple choice for a small wedding at Christmas such a beautiful time of the year to get married.

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